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When you add a theme to your website, it’s only the look and feel of the site–it doesn’t include any of the content (pages, text, images, etc), which you will need to create yourself.

Having us install the theme and adding the demo content would make your site look identical to the demo. This speeds up your ability to launch your site as you won’t need to create everything from scratch.


  • Install a theme on your existing WordPress site
  • Add the demo data to make your site look like the demo site
  • Speeds up your startup time with the site, eliminating the need to create everything from scratch

Not included:
This package does not include the purchase of a theme, nor does it include the installation of WordPress itself (see WordPress Installation for that service). This package does not include any custom code. Additionally, you will be responsible for adding and formatting your own content (text & images) to the site.

Note: After signing up for this package, we will be in contact to coordinate scheduling the service and the payment.


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    You will need to take a screenshot of the confirmation email that MOJO sends which clearly states the title of your theme purchase (Birch, Solstice, etc).


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