The Resources list is a handy guide to help you build an efficient, well-designed, successful website.

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In order to use any theme from Bottomless Themes, you’ll need a hosting account with a reputable hosting company such as one of the ones below:



WP Engine




Need to add some functionality to your theme? These plugins will help:

BackupBuddy – After spending countless hours building your website, you will definitely want to back it up!

Gravity Forms – Gravity Forms offers contact forms that are easy to use and allow for deep customization if necessary.

FooPlugins – Featuring their flagship FooBox plugin, FooPlugins offers an entire suite of helpful and intuitive tools for your website.


Security – Secure your website against hackers and bots with this all-in-one option.


Simplify the process of starting your professional, successful WordPress site. With the following services, your necessary startup time is drastically reduced, allowing you to focus your energy and resources on what you do best.

Bottomless Design – Learn and work directly with the developer of your theme to build and customize your dream website.

WP Live – Connect with passionate WordPress experts who will teach you how to use and maintain your website.


Freshbooks – Working with clients and need to invoice? Freshbooks has you covered.